Films 2020-2021

Here are the films you can look forward to in our free Vimeo Showcase online festival Dec. 26-Jan. 3. Check back soon for the Vimeo link!

Cool Collection A

Mimi Meets Books (Yih-Fen Chou)

Blanket (Marina Moshkova)

Cracks in the Pavement (Nicolas Conte)

Arthur and the Seagull (Luca Di Cecca)

Closed Loop (Daniel M. Cashdan III)

Rainbow Walks: The First Trail

(Alexandria Searls)

The boy and the owl

(Mário Gajo de Carvalho)

Paw (Diana Lee Woody)

The Peak (Mayumi Tachikawa)

The Charmsters (Emily Blumenthal)

Space Jump (Brady Hall)

A Girl Like Me (Melissa Glasscock)

Magic Eyes (Yiannis Klonaris, Nina Tsarpala,

Nina Gkolia , Mary Sklavou)

Magicland (Celia Willis, Emily Stein) 

Cool Collection B

An Idea (Juan Paulin)

When I Find You (Xi Wang)

Tiffany (Christina Christie)

Angel’s Trumpet (Martinus Klemet)

T-Pot (Shelley Welch, Mohammad Rastkar)

The Marionette (Juhyun Jane Jeong)

Lullabies in Motion (Shaun Drew)

Go! Go! (Patradol Kitcharoen)

Fur-Ever Family (Darin McGowan)

Safari Party

(Deonna Young-Stephens)

Things You Can Do With

Extendable Arms (Luca Paulli)

A Flowering Tree

(Meera Krishnamurthy)

Play Date (Matt Aaron Krinsky)

The Hole (Will Kim)

Cool Collection C

Framed! (Aya Kneitner)

Sugarbug (Sage Drake)

The Turtles Swim (Genna Lee)

Little Bug Blues (Kirsten Johnson)

Detective Bok Bok (Kirsten Johnson)

My Friend Rocky (Karsen Gromm)

Mt. Sundae (Katherine Kow)

Odd Dog (Keika Lee)

Temps de glace (Rachel Samson)

The Forest and the Trees

(Choom Lamm)

Push (Trilina Mai)

Dream Catcher (Avery Rouda)

Tough Teeth (Brianna Kastner)

Asteroid Season (Earthstar Smith)

Cool Collection D

Hugo & Holger (Teddy Halkier


Du Iz Tak (Galen Fott)

Eaten (Mohsen Rezapour)

Gallery Experience (Jinghan Tian)

Fresh Air (Lucas Santos)

Reflection (Chelsea Keene)

Stewy Baby a Dogumentary

(Kristin Cooper-Herby)

Sum of Its Parts (Alisa Stern)

Circus Movements (Lukas Berger

Mário Gajo de Carvalho)

Miss Persona (Brandon Lane,

Matt Greyson)

When Pigs Fly (Andreas Peterson)

I've Just Had a Dream (Javi Navarro)

Dreams into Drawing (Koji Yamamura)

Paper People Play: The Little Things

(Kristin Broadwell)

Cool Collection E

The Statue (Becca Wolfe)

Luz (John Banana)

The Note Book (Esabella Strickland)

The Day Messi Died (Bilal Nasir)

Two Balloons (Mark C. Smith)

Tyler Nix, Monster Child (Amy Neswald)

To Smell the Roses (Ryan Larkin)

Luciela (Erin Ploss-Campoamor)

Double Vida (Sharleny Gonzalez)

Goodbye Kisses (Micah Kenney)

London’s Home

(Kristen McGregor, Jennifer Treuting)

Flourish (Christopher Francis)

Prey (Jing Sun)

Mr. Orange & Baby Snot

(Kana Hutchens)

The Ivory Seed (Yelena Konetchy)

Cool Collection F

Exceptional Minds Block:

Maggie's First Snowman Jacob Lenerd)

Maizey’s Song (Howie Hoffman)

The Adventures of Salt Man

(Jacob Lenard)

Dungeons and Dairy

(Jacob Lenard, Michael Shiu)

Robot Love

(Craig Hills)

A Perfect Day (Exceptional Minds)

Beware of Fault Lines (Amanda Lo)


(Yi Ting Kristy Tsai, Jared Ettinger)

Gum and Sauce Go to Skill School

(Chadwick Whitehead)

My Shadow

(Evan Kimball Plochmann)

Monkey & Cat (Artie Romero)

Little Grey Wolfy, Summer Party

(Natalia Malykhina)

Dela (Bernard Attal)

Teddy Bear Rescue (Louis Bodart)

The Big Questions in Life

(Ingrid Hübscher)

Is This Real? (Stefano Cassini)

Cool Collection G

A Rock and a Hard Place

(Tricia Mcleod)

5 Minutes Peace (Sahra Bhimji)

Play (Jun Hee Han)

Catnap (Alivia Horsley)


(Luke Snedecor, Sarah Heinz)

The Bird & The Whale

(Carol Freeman)

Gameboy (Stephen Burhoe)

The Journey of Story Float

(Yung-Lin Chen)

Teddy Mate (Rommel Villa)

Robot Farmer (Ian Brauner)

Little Wonders (Shelbi Jay)

Little Rainbow Boy (Temamnesh


The Visit (Christian Werner)

Dances with the Devil

(Patrick Sweeney)

Lolo (Leandro Goddinho,

Paulo Menezes)

Cool Collection H

Butterfly Disaster (Caryn Cline)

Fringe (Amelia McCluskey)

Give It Back (Ruchama Ehrenhalt

Neem Jamun (Kamal Moolwani)

Enkata (Max Hendrickson)

My Little Boys - Couch (Jack Shih)

Finding Home (Shea E. Butler)

The Opera Singer (Anthony Fazio)

Robot Will Protect You (Nicola


Tei (Mark Leschinsky)

Hannah Potter and the Magic


(Iria Perez-Tenessa)

The Magician’s Nephew

(Iria Perez-Tenessa)

Time Wont Be Enough

(Alex Perez-Tenessa)

Flying Wagon (Kunal Narula)

Embarko (Kailee Hague)

Cool Collection I

Legend of Ancient Borneo

(Geoffrey Sinn Chun Hou)

Waltz (Mari Miyazawa)

A Prickly Pair (Mia Andrea)

The Universal Declaration of

Human Rights

(Kids N Film, Natasha Berry,

Saela Fitzgerald, Gianna Fragozo)

A is for Anarchy (Safwat Nazzal)

Star Wars: The Toys Awaken

(Raymond Montemayor)

Grown Boy (Tyler Knutt)

Happy Holidays (Mike Langan)

Cool Collection J

Gabrielle (Nicola Rose)

Driver's Ed (Dana Koops)

My New Family Tree (Grace Krsul-Sullivan)

Cat (Madeleine White)

The Shallow End (Cynthia Silver)

1717 Primrose (Jacob Ryan Snovel)

Things That Fall (Sy Huq)

Worried (Ava Snow)

Clowning Around (Robert Cunniff)